Join us in this episode as we unlock the secrets to supercharging your workday through intentional lifestyle adjustments. From harnessing the power of sleep to crafting an invigorating morning routine and conquering mid-day slumps, we’ll guide you towards a more productive and fulfilling work life.

Tune in for insights on:

  • The Night Before: Discover how quality sleep impacts metabolism, health, and productivity. Learn essential sleep hygiene practices to enhance your sleep quality and duration.

    Morning Mastery: Explore the benefits of a purposeful morning routine, including sleep schedules, sunlight exposure, mindfulness, hydration, and exercise.

    Beating the Mid-Day Lull: Uncover the science behind afternoon energy slumps and effective strategies to reenergize your day. From breaks and music to balanced nutrition, we’ve got you covered.

Join NikkiFIT and she gives you actionable tips to optimize your workday and prioritize your well-being. Don’t miss out on transforming your routine into a powerhouse of success.

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Hosted by: Nicole (Nikki Fit)

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The Fit and Fueled podcast brings you simplified information from the latest scientific research pertaining to health and fitness and shares tips and tricks on how to apply this information to everyday life. Regardless of your fitness level, we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals and experience optimal health.

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