Episode 24 | This Week in Linux

We’ll check out the release notes for GNOME 3.28, Firefox 59, HexChat, MX Linux, Netrunner, LibreELEC, Sparky Linux and more. There’s a new Raspberry Pi that was released this week and we’ll dive into that. Private Internet Access made a major announcement about going Open Source. All that and much more!

Episode 23 | This Week in Linux

We’ve got some new releases from Bleachbit, KDE Falkon, Albert (the keyboard launcher), Caprine (desktop app for Facebook messenger), and more. We’ll follow up with projects we’ve covered in previous episodes like Museeks, Tizonia, WINE, and the Librem 5. Then we check out the future roadmaps of some projects like KDE Plasma 5.13, Ubuntu 18.04,…
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Episode 22 | This Week in Linux

Signal got a massive donation from the Co-Founder of WhatsApp, Flameshot: a new screenshot tool is pretty slick. We take a look at an Open Source and Self-Hosted CRM solution for those interested in using Linux in their business. Updates for Unity 8 and the Sway Fundraiser. Psion Gemini: a cool modern PDA device started…
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Episode 21 | This Week in Linux

We’ve got a lot of distro news from Ubuntu, Solus, Fedora, Linux Lite and more. We’ll take a look at some updates for Linux 4.16 development and have you ever wanted to use Linux as your bootloader, well that might be possible in the future. For a nice change of pace from Oracle, we got…
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Episode 20 | This Week in Linux

We got a new Linux kernel, new updates from LibreOffice, Nextcloud, VLC and more. We also saw some hardware announcements from the KDE and Mycroft teams. Huge desktop environment releases from MATE and KDE Plasma. All that and much more!

Episode 19 | This Week in Linux

Ubuntu disabled downloads for the 17.10 ISO. We’ll talk about why and what is being done to solve it. We’ll check out some Good News from Thunderbird, UBPorts, Solus, Amazon, and more. Then we’ll take a look at some interesting command-line tools that had updates this week. Steam’s Winter Sale is currently live for those…
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Episode 18 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we talk about the recent FCC decision to rollback Net Neutrality Rules. We check out some application news for GIMP, Firejail, mutt email client and more. Distro news from MX Linux, Kubuntu and Q4OS. Then we check out some Linux Gaming news including some Rocket League bugs.…
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Episode 17 | This Week in Linux

TeamViewer 13 was announced and they’re bringing Native Linux support to their remote desktop software. We saw many Distro releases this week and in fact, we’ll be taking a look at 6 of them. We talk about how to get Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux. Then we’ll jump into some Linux Gaming, including one game…
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Episode 16 | This Week in Linux

We say goodbye to Linux Journal. We’ll revisit the idea of using search engines on the command line. For Desktop Environments, Unity received a long awaited maintenance update and KDE issued their future goals for the project. In Linux Gaming, news for a PSP Emulator, the Ataribox and a Linux powered GameBoy-like portable handheld console.…
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Episode 15 | This Week in Linux

We check out a few useful command-line tools and productivity apps. We discuss Canonical’s recent outreach to the greater community with the future of Mir and the potential of Ubuntu Unity for 18.04. The City of Munich is back on the docket this week, hopefully for the last time and we’ll also check out some…
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