205: Linux Laptops, Darktable, Xonotic, Team Fortress 2, 30 Years OpenGL and more Linux news!

On this episode of This Week in Linux: OpenGL Celebrates Its 30th Birthday, Linux Laptop Landslide, Xonotic 0.8.5 Released, Darktable 4.0 Released, Lennart Poettering Goes To Microsoft, Open Source Ban In Microsoft Store?, KaOS 2022.06 Released, Burn My Windows, Humble LEGO Games Bundle, Team Fortress 2 Gets Massive Update, Sinishter Wendy Merch Drop, all that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - I’m still catching-up on shows :slight_smile:

    Yes, I think I have very vague memories from my early years of Linux hearing about technologies like DirectX which was Windows specific, but also an open, cross-platform solution called OpenGL. Well done everyone - I agree, these sorts of projects are what have helped make Linux awesome :slight_smile:

    I guess news about Lennart might hurt at least a little, given the rivalry going back a long way between MS and Linux. I wish developers the best in whatever choices they make, especially since often it seems like working on Linux is truly an act of good-will on their part and its completely inappropriate, in my view, for toxicity to be a part of the community, especially in opposition to such fine individuals who contribute so much.

    I’m looking forward to news about the Linux laptops on DL when I catch up there too!

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