207: SCaLE 19x, RISC-V Laptop, Unreal Engine 5, Asahi Linux, System76 and more Linux news!

On this episode of This Week in Linux: SCaLE 19x, Pre-Orders for First RISC-V Laptop, Gamify Your Life with Habitica, Unreal Engine 5 Offical Binaries for Linux, Bitwig Builds Official Flatpak for Linux, Asahi Linux Project Update, Apache OpenOffice, System76’s New Oryx Pro Laptop, FFMPEG 5.1, and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - a lot of cool news here. I, too am very eager to see the uptake of RISC-V for so many reasons. A lot of hope in this :slight_smile: Meantime good to see System76 continuing with their excellent work. I’d love to buy one of their machines some time - when I can afford one(!) due to all of the innovation they’re bringing to the community, including with CoreBoot. Wouldn’t a RISC-V machine with CoreBoot running Linux be just a dream?!

    Similarly, SCaLE sounds fantastic. I’ve only been to the US once, and it was when I was related to some research I was doing, so I stayed in San Francisco, walking distance from UC Berkeley, if I remember correctly, so it was very exciting especially as I was (and am) a fan of some of the work done there :slight_smile:

    Apparently OpenOffice reports millions of downloads, still, many for Windows. I guess they have their niche, though I remember somewhat nervously switching to LibreOffice about a year after its launch when I still wasn’t sure which of the two would become the major project.

    Also, so glad to see NVidia contributing to the awesome FFMPEG!

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