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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got some big news from GNOME, APT & systemd. We’ve also got some new releases from Jellyfin media server, Collabora Online (an online office suite), and a new release from ZorinOS. We’re going to round out this episode with some Linux Gaming news for playing Tetris and a new Space Shooter in your terminal! All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Thanks, especially as you’re still recovering your health, @MichaelTunnell, really enjoyed this. I’ve been using dnf on Fedora (in a VM) and been thinking apt based tools could do with an update. Personally I used aptitude for packages and apt when it comes to full distro upgrade, as recommended in Debian official manual, as far as I recall. Being a Debian fan also means it will be a long while before I have a Gnome update so I’ll be looking forward to tidying-up of extension / tweaks management, though I use relatively few.

    I do miss Zeb on DL and I have to say I think he should definitely be recommended to review both of the terminal games you mentioned :wink:

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