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260: LXQt Desktop, Nouveau Lead Joins NVIDIA, AlmaLinux making waves, New Linux Tablet & more Linux news

This Week in Linux

21 Apr 2024

366: Interview with Jon “maddog” Hall, a true LEGEND of Linux

Destination Linux

15 Apr 2024

259: Ubuntu 24.04 Beta, Gentoo becomes SPI-ware, Solution to NVidia & Wayland & more Linux news

This Week in Linux

14 Apr 2024

Linux Out Loud 86

86: Non-typical Computer Build

Linux Out Loud

12 Apr 2024

365: The XZorcist: a Compression Project Possessed by Evil

Destination Linux

8 Apr 2024

258: XZ Backdoor Attack, Linux Mint 22, Fedora Switch to KDE?, Flathub Unverified & more Linux news

This Week in Linux

7 Apr 2024

364: DL Crew goes to SCaLE 21x, Largest Community Linux Expo in North America

Destination Linux

2 Apr 2024

257: GNOME 46, Linux 6.8, KDE Security Warning, Fedora 40 Beta & more Linux news

This Week in Linux

30 Mar 2024

363: PipeWire Interview with Wim Taymans, Revolutionizing Audio & Video on Linux

Destination Linux

24 Mar 2024

Linux Out Loud 85

85: Am I the Jerk

Linux Out Loud

23 Mar 2024

362: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Destination Linux

10 Mar 2024

256: Linux Desktop Growth, Fedora Dropping Xorg, Nintendo vs Yuzu lawsuit & more Linux news

This Week in Linux

9 Mar 2024