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TuxDigital is a Educational media network that advocates for Open Source technology, Linux-based operating systems and more through teaching, training, and distribution of information. We produce a wide variety of content such as: technology related podcasts, one-off videos on our YouTube channels, and written content on like news, tutorials, reviews, opinion pieces & much more!

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TuxDigital consists of large variety of Linux related content including Destination Linux, This Week in Linux, Hardware Addicts, and more. Here's the latest release from TuxDigital.

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There are many ways to subscribe to all the great content on This can be a bit much when going from show to show to get all the links so we made that process easier by making a simple all-in-one subscription page for all podcasts and channels.

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If you'd like to help make this content possible you can become a Patron of TuxDigital content. Plus as a Patron you also get access to special Patron-Only rewards / perks. We provide Patreon and Sponsus as options for becoming a patron.

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