Bill and Brandon have a discussion with Neal about the conferences he was able to attend this summer. We also talk about the outcomes of other open-source conferences this from this year.

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LinuxFest NorthWest in Bellingham, WA

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  1. Really enjoyed the discussions regarding the conferences. I miss the days of the dot-com boom and the really excellent conferences we had back in the 90’s and into the early to mid 2000’s. Those were different times, in some ways simpler (particularly being pre-cloud), and Linux Conferences were just amazing. I recall attending what was Linux World conferences at Moscone Center in San Francisco, that I recall eventually became Open Source World before it disappeared for good. One of the features of the conferences I enjoyed were the “Birds of a Feather” breakout sessions with some deep dives into various Linux and Open Source technologies.
    It’s been quite a few years since I attended a conference since I left the Private Sector and went into Public Sector work. Hope to get back to conference attendance again some day.
    Thanks Bill, Brandon, and Neal for a great program.

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