Sudo Show

Hosted by: Brandon Johnson, Neal Gompa, Bill Schouten

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64: Let’s Talk Backups

Brandon, Bill and Neal have a chat about backup strategies and tools. Show Notes:

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ThinkPad X13 Gen 3 AMD Review

The X13 Gen 3 AMD review from the standpoint of a professional Linux user. Product Information X13 Product PageX13 Detailed Product Specs Links TuxDigitalSudo Show

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58: An Open Career

Bill and Neal hijack the show and turn the tables on Brandon and interview him to get him to tell his story. Show Notes: Brandon’s

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56: Virtualization Revisited

Bill joins Brandon to talk about Virtualization and Containers Episode Links Harvester – – https://okd.ioKubeVirt – – https://podman.ioProxmox – https://proxmox.comoVirt – https://ovirt.orgXCP-NG –

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