62: Linux Desktop Application Landscape

The Hosts get back together to talk about our point of view on the previous and current state of the Linux app ecosystem and development state as a follow up to episode 61 “Never the Year of the Linux Desktop”. Lets us know what you think in the TuxDigital forums.



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  1. I have no problem with Flutter, it simply didn’t come up. The only reason why I would prefer .Net over Flutter for cross-platform apps is .Net is more flexible when it comes to the UI. Whereas Flutter is very opinionated here. You can clearly see Flutter’s origins as a Mobile Developer toolkit, and flutter applications that I have used on iPadOS and Mac are clearly out of place. Currently, given the momentum of Rust and GTK-RS for new GTK Desktop applications, I expect to see that be the new standard for that ecosystem. Aside from applications coming out of Canonical, I’m not seeing many Flutter applications getting packaged for Linux. The only one I can think of is a note application that I first discovered on Android called Saber. I’m sure there are others, but they haven’t yet hit my radar.

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