This week, Linux Out Loud chats about the different types of Linux users.

Welcome to episode 72 of Linux Out Loud. We fired up our mics, connected those headphones as we searched the community for themes to expound upon. We kept the banter friendly, the conversation somewhat on topic, and had fun doing it.



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  1. I have not had the time to listen to you in a while and it was a great ! A nice mix a light hearted banter and interesting thoughts.

    On the type of Linux user, like other people I check multiple boxes even though I’m basically the fifth one : my computer is my hobby so I like to discover or thinker on Linux and play games. I don’t have to use it for work at all so if it’s broken bu my noobish attempts it’s not a big deal.

    I can relate to the amount the hobby is commanding as this year I decided to cut on the distro hopping for example.

  2. I think the banter is more fun on video. Everyone let’s gets to see our reactions, and it helps it hit home that it is all in good fun, among friends.

    What games are you playing?

  3. Currently I’m playing Dofus (old school mmorpg) with my wife and her brother. When they’re not available I’m playing the Donjon of Naheulbeuk, a turn-based strategy game in a humorous med fantasy setting. In general I’m into solo epic rpg or turn-based strategy games

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