1: Steaming Up About Linux Gaming

This week, Linux Out Loud comments on the Steam Deck reviews hitting the web.

Welcome to episode 01 of Linux Out Loud. We fired up our mics, connected those headphones as we searched the community for themes to expound upon. We kept the banter friendly, the conversation somewhat on topic, and had fun doing it.

00:00 Introduction
01:37 Timeline on LibreOffice
07: 17 Kernel Woes
13:54 Streaming Games
20:42 Steam Deck Chat
40:44 VR Headset Purchase
45:34 Game of the Week
50:02 OBS and AMD
53:31 Close




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Contact info
Matt (Twitter @MattDLN)
Wendy (Mastodon @WendyDLN)
Nate (Website CubicleNate.com)

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Notable Replies

  1. I’m looking forward to this new show. FYI I’m interested in an audio RSS feed when you get around to it. Thanks for your work on this project!

  2. Love the new intro/outro music. Logo is fantastic!
    All around I love the “new”(?) show!

    It also showed up in my feed with no effort on my part FWIW.

  3. Definitely a refresh to the show. I was worried about how our current listeners would like the changes. Glad you are enjoying them. We had fun making the tweaks.

  4. TBH I listen to the podcast at 1.6 x – so all music comes through for me really fast. I did go back and listen to the intro music and exit sting at the normal speed. Love the fast, energetic rock. It’s a good choice for the subject and personalities.

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