Firefox is my favorite web browser by far and there’s many reasons for that. In fact, I made a video listing my Top 7 Reasons why Firefox is my favorite. At the top of that list is one singular feature that, for me at least, puts Firefox in a realm all by itself. That feature is Multi-Account Containers or as I like to call them, Container Tabs. So let’s talk about that feature.

Multi-Account Containers is an extension that lets you create Containerized sessions inside of Firefox with separated sets of cookies which allows you to use the web with multiple identities or accounts at the same time. This video explains what they are, how to create them and how to use them as well as some advanced tips.

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00:00 = Intro
00:54 = What are Multi-Account Containers
02:40 = How do Containers in Firefox work?
03:26 = Tutorial: How To Get Containers Extension
04:00 = Tutorial: Walkthrough of Containers Menu
05:20 = Tutorial: How To Make Containers in Firefox
06:54 = Tutorial: More Features of the Extension
08:09 = Tutorial: How To Open Containers (important for efficiency)
09:32 = Tutorial: Advanced Features
10:02 = Tutorial: Open Bookmarks in Containers via Context Menu
10:17 = Tutorial: Keyboard Shortcuts
11:36 = Tutorial: My Suggestion for Efficient Containers Usage
12:08 = Tutorial: Real World Example With Multiple YouTube Accounts
14:00 = Tutorial: Bonus Unrelated Tips
15:04 = Using Containers For Security Benefits
15:20 = Facebook Container Extension
17:47 = Preview of My #2 Favorite Feature in Firefox
18:22 = “Linux is Everywhere”
19:01 = Outro

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