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Linux Out Loud 86

86: Non-typical Computer Build

In episode 86 of Linux Out Loud covers local file-sharing apps, show audio, robotics, and building computers. Nate: Wendy Contact infoMatt (Twitter @MattTDN)Wendy (Mastodon @WendyDLN)Nate

Linux Out Loud 85

85: Am I the Jerk

In episode 85 of Linux Out Loud engage in lively banter and discussion covering a range of tech-related topics. Matt rejoins the team, so we

Linux Out Loud 84

84: Everything Matt Hates

Nate and Wendy chat about topics Matt couldn’t care less about, while he is away. 3D printing, robotics, terminal commands, and more in episode 84

Linux Out Loud 83

83: What is Linux Missing

The Linux Out Loud team discusses the current state of Linux in episode 83. Nate explores hardware options for his organization, Wendy talks about robotics

Linux Out Loud 81

81: New Year, New Hardware

In episode 81 of Linux Out Loud, we discuss soldering projects, CAD modeling for robotics, gaming device frustrations, remote desktop experiences, and touch on the

Linux Out Loud 80

80: Ready for an Upgrade

In episode 80 of Linux Out Loud, we discuss various topics. We talk about monitor setups and the importance of comfort and ergonomics. We explore

Linux Out Loud 79

79: Double Secret Guest

In Episode 79 of our podcast, all four of us are together for the first time, making for a wild and crazy show. Bill shares