92: Linux Kernel 5.5, Solus 4.1, Tails 4.2, Kali Linux, Sudo Bug

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have a jam packed episode! Linux Kernel 5.5 was released and we have a ton of Distro News from Solus, elementaryOS, Tails, Kali Linux, and Red Hat. A nasty Sudo Bug was found and fixed, we’ll discuss this and let you know if you might be affected or not. Pine64 announced their new HardROCK64 and we got updates for the PinePhone. Canonical announces their new Anbox Cloud service. In App News, we got new releases for Kdenlive and RawTherapee as well as an announcement from ProtonMail for a new Calendar service. Speaking of Proton, we saw new releases for WINE 5.0 & Proton 5.0 from Valve. We’ve got a lot of hardware news as well with the Kubuntu Focus Laptop, the NitroPad and a new hardware podcast from DLN. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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Notable Replies

  1. Yay, welcome back. I, for one, have missed this show !!!

  2. Yes, great to have the show back. Great content as always!

  3. Thanks! I am so happy to be back with this as well! :smiley:

    I have had some hectic times lately so I am glad I can start getting back to this show. :smiley:

  4. @MichaelTunnell Thanks, enjoyed this as usual - so much covered :slight_smile: Have to say out of all of the news, Nitropad with potential support for Qubes sounds most interesting, though I’m guessing it’s quite pricey. Apparently Qubes is notoriously difficult to get up and running due to its complex hardware requirements, so a machine it’s certain to work on is quite something! Apart from that I’m also very excited to have a private cloud-based calendar available. I hope Proton succeed with this. I haven’t used Wine much as even on Windows almost all of the software I used was open source. I wonder if it’s compatible with Blu-ray players like PowerDVD?

  5. thank you for the kind words and feedback!

    NitroPad isnt super expensive but it is using rather old thinkpad hardware apparently. x230 whatever that means.

    Yea, I hope that ProtonCalendar is a good service as well.

    Proton isnt really for applications though I suppose it might be possible, but WINE has improved a TON over the past couple of users so it might work with that app but I dont know for sure as I do not have a bluray player to test anything ont hat

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