91: Linux Mint 19.3, Peppermint 10, EndeavourOS, Alpine Linux 3.11

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have a ton of Distro News to cover with new releases from Linux Mint, Peppermin, Endeavour OS, Feren OS, Parted Magic and Alpine Linux. We’ll also cover some interesting hardware news for a new Kubuntu branded laptop and a really cool project someone made with having the business card double as a Linux computer. We’ll also check out a new version of the photography app, DarkTable and later in the show, we’ll look at some unfortunate news items in Hyperbola switching to BSD and apparently the Librem 5 wasn’t expensive enough. Fortunately though, Valve is going to help us round out the show with some great news in the Steam Winter Sale! All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Thank you for touching on the Purism history. I’d be mostly in the dark otherwise aside from my disillusionment with the Librem 5.

    Saved the link to Parted Magic, good one.

  2. @MichaelTunnell Thanks, Michael. Very informative show. I have to say EndeavourOS sounds more interesting to me than Manjaro due to its being closer to Arch. Feron OS definitely sounds worth trying too, as does Alpine. I’ve heard of the latter, but now knowing it will run on a Pi 4 makes it worth investigating even further. I have tended to use CloneZilla for cloning and GParted for partitioning though perhaps the Parted Magic solution bundles everything in a more tidy way. Thanks for the recommendation.

    With Purism I guess the Linux community would love to see real results, though trust is a big part of this and it needs to be upheld through reputable work. I think the transparency and pragmatism of Pine64 seems far preferable to me.

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