90: Zorin OS 15.1, ArcoLinux, DXVK 1.5, QEMU 4.2, Microsoft Teams

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we have distro releases from Zorin OS and ArcoLinux. We’re going to check out the latest releases from core projects like Mesa, QEMU, DXVK & D9VK. The RISC-V Foundation has decided to move their headquarters out of the US. Microsoft has announced Teams for Linux while Canonical has announced their sponsorship for a WSL Conference. Later in the show we’ll take a look at a text editor called Textosaurus, the latest deals from Humble Bundle and we got some good news regarding Disney+ on Linux. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Hey, @MichaelTunnell. I appreciate the coverage on Microsoft Teams for Linux (one of my pet projects). I know you said you didn’t like it all that much and preferred other tools like Slack, but I would like to point out, not necessarily that you’re wrong, but that there’s a lot more to it than that. Teams is not a direct Slack competitor. Sure, it does some similar things, and honestly those similar things might be handled better by other tools, but Teams does a lot more and is really geared at the enterprise customer who needs organizational control over the content, who needs retention policies, legal holds/investigative tools, video and audio conferencing, etc.

    For the normal person, Teams isn’t really a good fit as it is really geared at the business user, so I can see why you would have the opinion you do. :slight_smile:

  2. that is a good point. I was not looking at it in an enterprise focus so it is fair to say I wasn’t fully aware of what Teams is meant for.

  3. @MichaelTunnell Thanks, Michael. Very interesting. I need to catch-up on some of the latest CPU architectures including details of RISC-V, would also understand the section on QEMU better after some current reading, I think! I still find Gnome Boxes (which uses QEMU) more reliable than Virtualbox on Linux so will be learning more about QEMU in future. Also I hope Mandalorian gets a DVD release. I’m old fashioned and like owning good shows on disc :slight_smile:

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