Episode 86 | This Week in Linux

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, we take a look a few distros that were released with Fedora 31, MX Linux 19, and Tails 4.0. GNOME files a counter-claim against the patent troll that is suing Shotwell and we’ll take a look at the NordVPN hack. Mozilla released Firefox 70 and UBports released their latest version of Ubuntu Touch. Pine64 has launched the next Pre-Order window for the Pinebook Pro. Canonical has a new Ubuntu Desktop Director moving forward so 20.04 LTS will certainly be something to look forward to. Humble Bundle launched a very cool book bundle for learning about Linux and BSD. In Linux Gaming News, Valve released a new version of the Steam Client Library and their new Remote Play Together tool is now available. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. @MichaelTunnell Excellent episode again, as usual. Thanks, Michael :slight_smile: I found the jokes about VPN and AMD affiliate links hilarious though, seriously, I’m hoping I can use your amazon affiliate link for my Kindle books too. I’ve never tried MX myself, though I definitely appreciate distros based directly on Debian not via Ubuntu as I imagine they’re lighter and I like the builds coming directly from Debian too. Good to see people who are able to are supporting GNOME in that legal matter and I certainly hope to buy some of the Pine64 products when able too!

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