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On this episode of This Week in Linux, GNOME 3.30 & Firefox 62 were released. Tracktion 7, the digital audio workstation software is not available for free as in gratis. KDE has released videos from Akademy 2018. We got some new distro releases from Tails, SystemRescueCD, KaOS & Nitrux. There is some hardware news this week from Purism about a delay in the Librem 5 and from Dell about a new laptop line that comes with Linux by default. Then later in the show we’ll take a look at some Linux Gaming News from Humble Bundle, a Fighting Game on Linux as well as an upcoming release for a game of the year winner thanks to Feral Interactive. All that and much more!

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Hosted by: Michael Tunnell

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This Week in Linux (TWIL) is the Linux News podcast that will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the Linux world and Michael will give you his take as a 20 year plus Linux user. Join other TWILLERS every Saturday with Your Weekly Source of Linux GNews.

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