262: Flavours of Ubuntu 24.04, Proton 9.0, NVIDIA + Steam Deck & more Linux news

We have a very flavorful episode this week with all the flavors of Ubuntu 24.04. Proton 9.0 was released this week to make gaming on Linux even better. Then Nvidia is back on the show with some more positive news, this time about supporting GeForce Now on the Steam Deck. All of this and so much more coming up on This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Ubuntu Flavours of 24.04 LTS
07:37 Proton 9.0 Released
09:01 NVIDIA to support GeForce NOW on Steam Deck
10:11 Sponsored by Kolide
11:21 Golf With Your Friends’ Speed Golf mode
12:31 EndeavourOS Gemini Released
13:56 systemd’s “run0” is a sudo alternative
15:56 nano 8.0 Released
16:56 LibreELEC 12 Released
18:27 Amarok 3.0 Released
19:25 Announcement for TWIL next week
20:00 Outro


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