260: LXQt Desktop, Nouveau Lead Joins NVIDIA, AlmaLinux making waves, New Linux Tablet & more Linux news

We have some very interesting news this week, we’ve got a brand new major release of the LXQt desktop environment, there’s a strange but potentially good twist in the ongoing saga of Nvidia and open source drivers, Red Hat drops the hardware ball and AlmaLinux catches it. Plus there’s a new Linux Tablet trying to get kickstarted. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
00:34 LXQt 2.0 Released
02:52 Former Nouveau Lead Developer Joins NVIDIA
05:51 AlmaLinux 9.4 Beta Released
09:04 Sponsored by Kolide
10:26 Mozilla Firefox 125 Released
11:59 Volla Tablet on Kickstarter supports Ubuntu Touch
13:39 Bazzite 2.5.0 Released
15:16 XZ Backdoor Gets the All-Clear
15:44 Outro


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