256: Linux Desktop Growth, Fedora Dropping Xorg, Nintendo vs Yuzu lawsuit & more Linux news

We’ve got a lot of big news for Linux users this week! We’ve got everything from marketshare growth to the latest updates for your favorite distros. Desktop Linux hits 4% market share! That’s the highest ever by the way. Linux From Scratch just released a new version for those of you who dream of building your own OS. Fedora is considering dropping XOrg entirely on Fedora 41 Workstation. Arch Linux users are getting a pretty big update to their package manager, Pacman. Plus we are so close to 30,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, if you enjoy this show and aren’t subscribe to my channel then I’d appreciate it if you help me reach that milestone. That would be awesome. Now let’s jump into This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
01:08 I’m going to SCALE – [link]
03:31 4% Marketshare for Linux on StatCounter! – [link]
06:28 Nintendo says Game Over to Yuzu Emulator with $2.4 Million lawsuit – [link]
11:40 Open Collective Foundation is shutting down – [OCF, OSC comment]
15:04 Sponsored by Kolide – [link]
16:26 Fedora Project Considering Dropping XOrg from Workstation – [link]
20:56 Flock to Fedora Conference – [link]
23:28 HDMI Forum ‘blocks AMD open sourcing its 2.1 drivers’ – [link]
24:37 Zorin OS 17.1 Released – [link]
26:37 OpenMediaVault 7.0 Released – [link]
28:40 Arch Linux’s Pacman 6.1 Released – [link]
30:10 Linux From Scratch 12.1 Released – [link]
33:34 Outro

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