255: KDE Plasma 6 MegaRelease, cover your Tails, CIQ’s Rocky credibility & more Linux news

KDE has finally blessed us with the latest release of KDE Plasma and this isnt just any release but a massive megarelease as they call it. That’s right, KDE Plasma 6 is here! We also got some new distro releases from the privacy focused distro Tails, Tiny Core Linux and apparently one project is trying to see just how accessible coconuts can be. CIQ is in the news this week by making some controversial moves. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
00:50 KDE Plasma 6 Released – [link]
07:03 Tails 6.0 Released – [link]
09:14 Will CIQs Paid-Only Programs Hurt Rocky Linux? – [ciq blog, messmer blog, resf.org, resf faq, rockylinux.org]
18:57 Sponsored by Kasm – [link]
20:25 Tiny Core Linux 15 Released – [link]
21:50 Sway 1.9 Released – [link]
22:51 Accessible-Coconut 22.04.3 Released – [link]
24:42 HexChat 2.16.2 is the Latest & Final Release – [link]
26:32 Ardour 8.4 Open-Source DAW Released – [link]
28:26 Giada Loop Machine 1.0 Released – [link]
29:49 Outro

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  1. Sad news about HexChat. I’m comfortable with its interface and rely on its features. I don’t use it often, though. Installing Konversation to see if it has the same capabilities.

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