251: Budgie Desktop, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, Flathub, openSUSE, Purism & more Linux news

On this episode of TWIL, the Buddies of Budgie have released a new version of the Budgie Desktop, Ubuntu has announced some ambitious goals for the next release of the distro. The Flathub has hit a major milestone. openSUSE is getting geared up for the openSUSE Conference. Plus Purism is making some waves with the announcement of their first public offering for stock in the company. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Budgie 10.9 Desktop Released – [link]
03:46 Ubuntu 24.04 LTS News – [links: 6.8, low-latency, DL 356]
05:23 openSUSE Conference & Tumbleweed Update – [links: conference, tumbleweed]
07:38 Flathub Has Reached 1 Million Active Users – [link]
10:08 SystemRescue 11 Released – [link]
11:05 Redcore Linux 2401 Released – [link]
12:45 LINBIT – [link]
14:09 EndeavourOS Galileo Neo Released – [link]
14:53 Locally Exploitable glibc Vulnerability – [link]
16:26 Purism Values Itself at $75 Million USD – [links: puri.sm, sec filing]
25:32 SDL 3.0 News – [link]
26:50 Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Released – [link]
27:49 Shotcut 24.01 Released – [link]
28:45 FTC finds Intuit violating US law over TurboTax advertising – [links: ftc, arstechnica]
33:08 Outro

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Hosted by: Michael Tunnell

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