248: Linux 6.7, Solus 4.5, Snaps, Flatpaks, AI News & more Linux news

On this episode of TWIL (248), there is a new version of the Linux kernel bringing a ton of improvements. Solus has released a new version of their distro. We’ve got news about the universal app formats Snaps and Flatpaks. Then we’ll dive into a variety of AI related topics from Audacity to Volkswagen. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Linux Kernel 6.7 Released – [ link ]
02:02 Solus 4.5 Released – [ link ]
03:19 Snaps To Get Better Across Distros – [ link ]
04:30 Flathub’s New App Metadata Guidelines – [ link ]
06:53 Audacity Introduces OpenVINO AI Effects – [ link ]
08:07 Kolide – [ link ]
09:29 Deepin Linux Working on Integrating AI – [ itsfoss, linux unplugged ]
10:13 Volkswagen Integrates ChatGPT in Cars – [ link ]
11:41 Microsoft Adding New AI Key to Keyboards – [ link ]
12:42 Kodi 20.3 “Nexus” Released – [ link ]
13:03 OpenWrt One: First In-House Hardware – [ link ]
14:08 Fwupd 1.9.11 Released – [ link ]
15:26 FLOSS Weekly Leaves the TWiT Network – [ TWiT, hackaday, Michael on FLOSS Weekly: 505, 532, 548, 570 ]
16:17 Vim 9.1 Released – [ link, Destination Linux 335 ]
16:54 Outro

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Notable Replies

  1. I have a new OpenWRT router sitting on my desk waiting to be set up once my current VPN subscription expires in a couple of weeks. I’ve wondered why there isn’t more love for OpenWRT here on DL. There is a dearth of articles and posts about it here.

    I’ve been playing with text and image AI in Kubuntu and am looking forward to a distro that has AI deeply integrated into the OS. An AI that can run a diagnostic on the OS would big help to keep everything running smoothly.

  2. You’re going to put the VPN on your router? What type of setup you going with?

    I would expect @dasgeek to have covered a OpenWRT device by now or done more in depth work with that type of hardware, or cover it on Hardware Addicts.

    I expected Deepin to be the first, or UbuntuKylin . . . for obvious reasons. As long as the LLM runs locally and does not phone home anywhere, I can see how it can be a benefit foir server doing diagnostics on running containers and mounted images. for a desktop user though. . . More like help with software, teaching people how to use software and create better workflows and scripts.

  3. My current setup is a protectli (non-wifi) router running opnsense and using a linksys wrt3200acm for the wifi. The current vpn is installed on the linksys. The protectli device was added after the linksys. I would have flashed the linksys with openWRT but it isn’t compatible with the latest version so I bought a router that comes pre-installed with openWRT. It’s also a hardware upgrade.

    I haven’t decided whether to install the new vpn on the protectli or the openWRT device yet.

  4. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell and belated Happy New Year, everyone! Highlight of this week’s show, for me, has to be the “daily driving” pun :grinning:

    Mmm. Besides that, yes, AI continues to make (virtual?) strides.

    I think the Flatpak news is getting to the heart of something even bigger. To me it’s critical progress, in the way in the past few years the Fedora distribution releases have made strides. Obviously, developers, especially open source folks are super-intelligent, super-cool folks, who give us immeasurable value. It’s also often true that with all the work that goes into the code, documentation and presentation, do at times, get left out. For people who are new to Linux, this might give a false impression of quality, as the coverage in today’s show suggests. I know that a lot of open source projects specifically say that contributions to design / user interface, separate from coding, is an important area, and all progress on those fronts, I think should be warmly welcomed by everyone :+1:

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