244: PipeWire 1.0, Red Hat Dropping Xorg, openSUSE, Nextcloud & more Linux news

On this episode of TWIL (244), Red Hat has announced that Xorg is no more for RHEL. PipeWire 1.0 has been released to the world. Nextcloud has revealed they are joining forces with Roundcube to improve the Webmail option of Nextcloud. openSUSE is currently running a contest to change some logos for various projects. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 TWIL 244 Intro
00:36 Red Hat Dropping Xorg for RHEL 10 – [ link ]
03:13 PipeWire 1.0 Released – [ link ]
04:55 PeerTube 6.0 Released – [ link ]
07:13 LINBIT – [ link ]
08:38 OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 Released – [ link ]
09:40 Roundcube Webmail Merges With Nextcloud – [ link ]
12:35 Selecting the New Face of openSUSE – [ link ]
16:04 ChatGPT’s OpenAI CEO Fiasco – [ link ]
19:27 GIMP 3.0 Is Hoping To Release In May – [ link ]
23:02 Windows XP Ugly Sweater – [ link ]
25:33 Outro

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Notable Replies

  1. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell! Hmm, have to say it’s surprising RHEL are dropping X completely. I remember first writing C Code for it back in the 90s and fearing frying multi-sync (cathode ray) monitors with Linux by setting the text-based configuration files incorrectly for X (which in those days was the XFree86 implementation I think?)

    I’m still hopeful Gnu Image Manipulation Program changes its name too.

    I actually still had Win XP on a partition on an old netbook of mine up until only about three years ago, with that default wallpaper. I also remember that XP seemed at the time a huge improvement on previous version in many way (ME, I think it was, though I didn’t upgrade my 95 until XP!) If I had $70 spare, believe me, I’d much rather spend it on our own network SWAG, which I still have none of!

  2. Couldn’t come any sooner ! They’ve set the bullseye 2 releases ago. it was time.

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