239: Plasma 6, Raspberry Pi 5, Ubuntu Summit 2023, /e/OS, Lutris & more Linux news

On this episode of TWIL (239), the KDE community has announced the expected release date for Plasma 6. Raspberry Pi’s are starting to hit the roads. The Ubuntu Summit is next week and I’ll be there so this week I’ll let you know what I have planned to do while I’m there. Plus we have a ton of software updates to check out from /e/OS to the Lutris gaming tool. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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  • 00:00 TWIL 239 Intro
  • 00:43 KDE Plasma 6.0 Release Date & More – [ link ]
  • 03:42 Raspberry Pi 5 Begins Shipping – [ link ]
  • 05:32 Ubuntu Summit 2023 – [ link ]
  • 07:14 Canonical Reaffirms 10 Year LTS – [ link ]
  • 07:50 LINBIT – [ link ]
  • 09:14 Murena Levels Up /e/OS – [ link ]
  • 11:49 Lutris 0.5.14 Released – [ link ]
  • 13:22 Firefox 119 Released – [ link ]
  • 15:47 Micro 2.0.13 Released – [ link ]
  • 17:12 Geany 2.0 Released – [ link ]
  • 17:56 openSUSE Logo & Leap Micro 5.5 – [ logos contest | leap micro ]
  • 19:23 Outro

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  1. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - gosh, so much in this episode! It’s been a while since I ran KDE Neon for a look at latest builds. Maybe I can preview Plasma 6 in that… Also, very cool that Pi 5 is shipping. I wonder if they’re going to release an all-in-one system based around it, like the Raspberry Pi 400 unit?

    I’m definitely planning on checking out micro. I’ve been having to use MS VSCode for work, though I do prefer the more traditional open source solutions. I fire-up vim for small, quick edits. Nano would be convenient but I find its basics, even copying and pasting almost more trickier than vim’s lol! Maybe micro will provide a strong middle-ground. I hope so!

    Your conference trip sounds more action-packed than an Indiana Jones adventure. I look forward to watching it all when able :slight_smile:

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