237: Ubuntu 23.10, System76, Microsoft’s Linux Tutorial, GNOME Removing Xorg & more Linux news

In this episode of This Week in Linux (237), Ubuntu is making waves with the release of Ubuntu 23.10, System76 announced a new version of their Thelio to their lineup, GNOME might be on the verge of removing Xorg and Microsoft made a tutorial for installing Linux? All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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00:00 TWIL 237 Intro
00:38 Ubuntu 23.10 Released – [ release | tweet | summit ]
05:34 GNOME Merge Request To Drop X.Org Support – [ link | DL 343 ]
06:20 Red Hat Discontinues Security Mailing List – [ link | lwn ]
08:30 LINBIT – [ link ]
09:55 Microsoft creates tutorial for installing Linux – [ link ]
10:51 Raspberry Pi OS Released – [ link ]
12:03 Unity Names New Interim CEO – [ link | twil 234 ]
14:19 Thelio Spark by System76 – [ link ]
16:06 Ardour 8.0 Released – [ link ]
17:08 OpenWrt 23.05 Released – [ link ]
17:54 Outro

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  1. Wow, @MichaelTunnell - that Ubuntu conference sounds awesome! I’m still not in a permanent development contract at the moment or I’d totally be planning a trip out there to see you - been a fan for probably four years or-so now :slight_smile: I didn’t realise at all that you were sick until you said. Hopefully all’s well by now. I’ve decided I will stop trying to catch up on about a year of DL backlog in sequence. I’ll watch the more recent ones that you are mentioning and the backlog later :slight_smile:

  2. I tried to hide the sickness as much as I could and I guess it worked :smiley:

    The Ubuntu Summit is going to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed going last year so this year is likely to be even better. :sunglasses:

    I was talking about this with my girlfriend recently because it made me chuckle to see a comment from you on a consistent basis commenting about something I released 4 weeks or so prior. :smiley: It’s kind of cool.

    However, it is probably much better experience to make the change for current episodes and then going to the backlog later.

    Thanks for being a part of the community and being so consistent in the comments and feedback regardless of the delay :laughing:

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