231: Bodhi Linux, Kali Linux, LibreOffice, GNOME, KDE & more Linux news!

On This Week in Linux (231), we’ve got a jam-packed show for you. Libre Office 7.6 and Bodhi Linux 7.0 have been announced. Hold onto your hats, whatever color they may be, because Kali Linux 2023.3 is out. Then in desktop news, Budgie Desktop 10.8 has been released and we got some news for the upcoming releases of GNOME 45 and KDE Plasma 6. Plus, we’ll take a look at an all-new Fedora-based Distro tailored for Steam Deck and Fedora itself has some news related to Qt theming. All of this and more on this episode of This Week in Linux, Your Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Thanks @MichaelTunnell - great news about updates to both major DEs. The thing I get confused about it window manager / compositor / DE. Are they separate layers, interchangeable?! I used to get especially confused when I used to install multiple DEs on Debian (though I know it’s not recommended) because apparently screen-locking only worked on Gnome by ensuring some lower-level setting was correct. Nowadays I just run Gnome for my daily driver, especially after it seems to have become less resource intensive. I also found switching off background indexing for the search made Gnome generally faster.

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