230: Debian Turns 30, Win Framework Laptop from KDE, New Linux Tablet & more Linux news!

On this episode of This Week in Linux (230), want to win a Framework laptop? Well if you have some wallpaper making skills then KDE would like to have a word with you. We’ve got a lot of distro news this week from Debian, OpenMandriva, Devuan and more. Plus SUSE is being acquired, again. The Fairphone is FINALLY coming to the US market and Star Labs has announced a pretty compelling Linux powered tablet. All of this and more coming up on This Week in Linux, your source for Linux GNews.

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  1. Regarding the comment of podcast releasing multiple daily episodes. Examples from my own podcast consumption,

    • News in podcast format (e.g. radio news hourly, tv news 2-4 times daily)
    • (Private) Aggregated podcast feed that is aggregated from multiple sources intro a single feed could contain multiple episodes within the same 24-hour day.
  2. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell! Happy Birthday Debian - my daily driver for the past decade or-so, also cool to see Devuan’s not far behind in releasing their fork based on Debian 12 :slight_smile:

  3. @beautifulbird273 firstly, welcome to the forum! Secondly, yes, those are great examples where a podcast would make sense to publish multiple episodes per day. I hadn’t thought of either of those configurations. Thanks for the comment!

    @ak2020 yea, Debian is a solid distro and I am glad it is around. I am not really sure why Devuan exists because with Debian you can choose to not use systemd if you want to, that’s just the default but it is what it is.

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