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  1. Thanks @MichaelTunnell :slight_smile: With all the Redhat drama continuing, I sure am glad to read that Alma’s been contributing back to the community as well as providing a rebuild of RHEL. It did seem from the interview in @kernellinux 's podcast that possibly the rebuilding wasn’t the issue, it was the providing support, which traditionally CentOS users would have upgraded to RHEL proper for - I’m not commenting on any particular rebuild about this though; I don’t really know much about support options offered. In any case, I liked Alma when I tried it though for my own usecase I’d sign up as a developer and get RHEL cost-free that way, if I really needed it. Besides that I also tried CentOSStream and liked that too. I wouldn’t consider it a drop-in replacement for CentOS, but it isn’t meant to be. As a project I think it’s very cool and worth contributing to though if able :+1:

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