On this episode of This Week in Linux, we got some news about the upcoming desktop environments of KDE Plasma 6 and COSMIC desktop from System76. Then we take a look a the news of CodeWeavers changing their company structure and the changes from Arch Linux. We’ll also check out the latest releases from Lutris, Pipewire, ChimeraOS and more. All of this and so much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!


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  1. @MichaelTunnell

    No Sound?

    I love learning to lip read as much as anyone, but I think you have technical difficulties.

    Tried opening it in YouTube and no sound there either. The comments on your YouTube make interesting reading. :slight_smile:

    Ok, audio on your podcast works, just not on the video

  2. I’m a talented lip reader. I’ll help.

    “Welcome to This Week In Linux. Before we get started let me just say how much I admire @dasgeek and how he’s always right.”

    Sorry, I had to stop the transcription. I couldn’t get any further. Michael was just talking crazy.

  3. Comment section alone made this worthwhile!

  4. LOL okay not sure how that happened but I guess I learned something new about DaVinci Resolve. I have fixed it now so enjoy the new episode complete with actual sound lol

  5. Thanks @MichaelTunnell ! I’m way behind on DL podcasts but these are my faves and look forward to them regularly. I think the most exciting news for me this week has been updates on Cosmic desktop!

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