199: Linux 5.18, Firefox Snap, Budgie Desktop, KDE Plasma 5.25 and more Linux news!

On this episode of This Week in Linux: Linux 5.18, System76 & HP Team Up To Make HP Dev One Laptop, the State of the Budgie Desktop, KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Released, KDE Participating in Google Summer of Code, Ubuntu Improving Firefox Snap Performance, Clonezilla Live 3.0 Released, SteamOS 3.2 Released, iFixIt’s Steam Deck Repair Parts, and Linux Gaming Deals. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. That Dev One laptop is asking to have Devuan installed on it.

  2. Perhaps. When you add the severe performance lag that popey tested a couple months ago, however, it seems like a collection of bad UX.

  3. How so? Are you saying it isnt as long or that it doesnt matter iyo?

  4. You know you have to wait for the snap to download and apply updates too, right? The delay is on top of that.

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