162: Framework Laptop, Pop!_OS Rolling Release, Linux Mint, WayDroid

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ll cover the modular laptop that respects your Right to Repair called the Framework laptop. In the Distro News, we’ve got updates from Linux Mint and a very interesting potential plan for a Rolling Release edition of Pop!_OS from System76. We’re going to jump into an enterprise grade tool with Apache Cassandra 4.0. Then in the Linux Mobile News, we’ve got an interview with Rudi Timmermans of the WayDroid project which is looking to make it possible to run Android Apps on Linux Phones like Ubuntu Touch. We’ve also got news from NVIDIA, they’ve released new Drivers with a lot of great features and they’ve even Open Sourced some content. All that and so much more on episode 162 of This Week in Linux, recorded live on July 31, 2021. Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. I’ll wait until Frame Works has a Coreboot motherboard option before getting one of their laptops unless one of my laptops dies before then.

  2. I went back to episode 151 to reverse my position not long before this episode hit. Might be worth pasting here too:


    I have a hype allergy but sometimes the hype is real. It’s a pretty good product.

  3. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - excellent show, as ever! Loving the enthusiasm for Framework. I hope they give BigTech a real kick in the shin with the success of this, to say the least! Sounds like they’re getting so-much right! When’s the AMD kit coming out though, I wonder?!

    Excellent news also about Element funding, new Mint website, Cassandra and WayDroid. I am posting my reply here late, and managed to get one of the humble bundles you mentioned in time - the careers one for later in the year when I start job-hunting :slight_smile:

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