147: System76 COSMIC Desktop, Slackware 15.0, LXQt, Zorin OS 16, Xinuos vs IBM


On this episode of This Week in Linux, System76 made some waves when they announced their new COSMIC Desktop Environment. Slackware is back with a vengence ok not really with a vengence but Slackware did announce the Be..00ta version of Slackware 15.0. In addition to Slackware, we’ve also got some other great topics in Distro News this week with Manjaro 21.0, Zorin OS 16 Beta and we’re even going to take a look at the latest release of FreeBSD. We’ve got some more Desktop Environment news with the release of LXQt 0.17 and JDE 2.0. Mailspring Email Client is back in the news with release 1.9 and we’re continue the much beloved Legal News section with Xinuos Sueing IBM & Red Hat. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. That Slackware announcement was great. :smile:

  2. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - very interesting and informative, as ever!

    I’m glad Slackware’s still going. It was the first distro I used, back in 95/96. Part of me wants to install it in a VM just for nostalgia’s sake. Maybe some time soon. The first PC I installed Linux on had 8MB of RAM, yup 8MB when the old joke about Emacs was “Eight Megabytes and Continuous Swapping”!

    I remember the Sco/Novell issues years back and I think they brought something of a cloud over Linux development for a while, or at least I was fearful back in those days. I’m sure nothing will come of this new case either, hopefully.

    I took advantage of the Python and Machine Learning Humble Bundles last week. Excellent, both :slight_smile:

  3. Slackware also happened to be my first Linux distro. I have no real desire to run it in production anymore, but I may throw it on my old laptop when the stable release is a available.

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