133: Linus Torvalds Calls Out Intel, PeerTube Live Streaming, Asahi Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got some Distro releases for Linux Mint and Puppy Linux. We’ve got a follow up for a topic about running Linux on Apple Silicon with a project called Asahi Linux. Linus Torvalds is in the news this week for some comments he made about Intel’s policies on ECC. We’ve also got some great news for NVIDIA users and those looking for a way to doing self-hosted Live Streaming thanks to PeerTube. We’ll also cover some unfortunate and annoying news from the Qt Company and then we’ll round out the show on a good note with the latest release from the Lutris project. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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Segment Index

  • 00:00 = Welcome to This Week in Linux 133
  • 01:00 = DLNLive.com
  • 02:15 = Asahi Linux for Apple Silicon
  • 06:33 = Qt 5.15 Commercial Only LTS Phase
  • 12:26 = Linus Torvalds Calls Out Intel Over ECC
  • 15:59 = Digital Ocean – VPS & App Platform ( https://do.co/dln )
  • 17:27 = Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa Released
  • 22:35 = Puppy Linux 7.0 Slacko Released
  • 25:51 = PeerTube v3: Now With Live Streaming
  • 28:22 = Bitwarden Password Manager ( https://bitwarden.com/dln )
  • 30:47 = NVIDIA 460.32.03 with Vulkan Ray Tracing
  • 33:29 = Lutris v0.5.8.2 Released
  • 36:11 = Outro

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Notable Replies

  1. Is this episode 132 or 133? It’s showing up here and on RSS as 132.

    FYI :slight_smile:

  2. DANG IT!!! I shouldnt post things this late because yea its 133 oops. Thanks for pointing that out! I have fixed it now. :smiley:

  3. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell ! Great show as usual.

    News of Qt is pretty hard-hitting. I was on their site just weeks ago looking at licensing because I think contributing to UBPorts will need Qt and was surprised at how expensive the commercial version is. Wasn’t GPL 3 designed to stop source being closed further down the line? My guess is there might be a mass migration away from Qt. Perhaps the KDE team would be best placed for a fork? I don’t use Plasma myself, but I wonder how hard this will hit Qt-based apps :frowning: This is the worst news since CentOS 8 closing.

    I’ve never bought Apple hardware, though I do see a value to making Linux available on it, especially as their own policies seem to encourage discarding functional machines that their OS abandons. I hope Asahi goes well.

    Personally I think Intel’s had it’s day, for the main part. They’re constantly being outdone by AMD and if the industry continues to follow Apple like it often does, it’s looking like ARM might become the more important architecture in the coming decade.

  4. Yea it is annoying and the price is insane.

    Qt isn’t licensed exclusive to GPL, they’ve always had a structure that allowed this. Originally it was proprietary completely.

    Qt is still open for non-LTS so it wont be catastrophic but it is still significantly bad even then. I dont know if a fork is in order or not because KDE is not that big of a project to sustain that kind of thing since Qt is a gigantic code base. It will take a multiple org effort to fork it.

  5. On the Linux Mint topic, secondary mouse wheel is the mouse wheel tilt, as in, the wheel clicks side to side.

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