130: Linux 5.10, GTK 4.0, CentOS Update, OBS 26.1, Ubuntu Touch

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we’ve got a lot of big updates like the latest release of Linux kernel with version 5.10. A major version update for the GTK toolkit has been released with GTK 4. We’ve got a follow up to the Cen-toss topic from last week. OBS Studio released version 26.1.00 that has a lot of cool Linux related features and I am so excited to try this latest version! We’ve also got distro news from Linux Mint, Debian, openSUSE and some mobile Linux news from UBports. All that and much more coming up right now on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Thanks, @MichaelTunnell - excellent show as usual!

    As a regular user of Debian for approx 8 years now, when I first opened the site I panicked thinking I’d ended-up somewhere else! Yes, it’s more modern and has a more accessible front page. It’s still in progress as the Debian Team are clear about. I do appreciate the work being done :slight_smile:

    Having seen online videos of PinePhone running Manjaro, I have to say Ubuntu Touch looks more attractive to me as it’s deliberately targetted at the mobile platform. I am looking forward to a Linux-based Mobile phone for my daily driver in coming years.

    I’d like to see how GTK 4 compares with Qt 6 especially for cross-platform work. When I looked at GTK 2 a very long time ago it didn’t impress me (from a development perspective) but GUI frameworks have gone through a number of transitions since then, so I am hopeful of good things, though my own current focus is on JavaFX.

    vim was strangely crashing in my Gnome terminal on Debian, so I have temporarily been resorting to gedit at times. I also have Plasma installed so may try Kate again too.

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