122: Ubuntu 20.10, System76’s Thelio Mega, CUPS Forked from Apple


We’ve got a stacked episode this week, so coming up on This Week in Linux, we’re going to start things off with the latest release of Ubuntu 20.10 and the Ubuntu 20.10 Flavour releases. Then we’re going to jump into the ridiculous realm with a new product from System76 called the Thelio Mega. There’s been some big news in the Printing world of Linux related to CUPS. NVIDIA has announced that support for Linux 5.9 is not ready yet so we’ll talk about what that means and whether or not it will affect you. Later in the show we’re going to cover some more Distro News from Trisquel with their 9.0 release and SystemRescue 7.0 is another recovery distro to check out. Then we’ll round out the show with an update to the best web browser on the planet, with release of Firefox 82. All that and much more comming up right now on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Michael Sweet is doing a great job being the force behind a cornerstone piece of *nix software. I understand that it is a mature piece of software and new groundbreaking features aren’t expected but it is absolutely bonkers to me that Apple was just letting it stagnate.

  2. Thanks @MichaelTunnell - very informative and enjoyable as usual. I am glad your talent for voice-over type special effects has not remained dormant today :wink:

    I guess Ubuntu release is an exciting time for many of its users. I do run an LTS version in a VM so will look out for updates in that too. I always prefer open source that’s independent of large corporations if possible so I hope the new CUPS fork becomes the standard on Linux in time. I’ve never tried a Free GNU approved distro. They do interest me, especially as I’m almost never on new hardware. I wonder how broad this one’s software support is, though, compared to Debian, which is my daily driver.

  3. One more thing, @MichaelTunnell.

    You gave a really really fair coverage to Trisquel GNU/Linux. That’s pretty neat.

    Parabola GNU/Linux is FSF approved and has Arch-type current packages. It is also NOWHERE near as easy to install as Trisquel.

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