109: Flutter Apps to Linux, 3GB RAM PinePhone, Mobian, Stop Using BountySource!

On this episode of This Week in Linux, Google & Ubuntu teamed up to bring Flutter Apps to Linux. We’ve got a LOT of news in the Mobile Linux world with a New more powerful PinePhone from Pine64 that even comes with a USB Convergence Dock, then we’ll talk about Mobian: Mobile OS based on Debian, and then we’ve. even got some news from Gentoo about using Gentoo on Android. We’ve got some great distro news this week from EndeavourOS & MX Linux. Then we’ll jump into the App News realm to cover the Personal Edition branding for LibreOffice, Riot has chosen the name Element as their branding replacement, and we’ll talk about even more branding with some news about a fork of Brave browser getting threatened with legal action. Then I’ll let know about some concerning news about BountySource and why projects should abandon the service. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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  1. Well Flutter Apps maybe cool, but I don’t have ubuntu to try it out only Fedora and Manjaro.
    this looks more for mobile apps then desktop apps, probably interest is the Linux mobile market.
    Purism, PinePhone and few others + all the Linux Based OS for mobile, Linux Mobile in 2020 is here.

    Regards, Alex

  2. Thanks for this, @MichaelTunnell. Love the idea of a Debian-based mobile OS. Not sure how mature this project is, or in fact which mobile OS project is most mature. As I’ve been seriously considering working on UBPorts / apps for it as mentioned after your previous show, I’m particularly keen to hear how Flutter may be supported on that platform. For me one of the main attractions of Java was that it ran on all major OSes of its time (Windows, MacOS and Linux) though that’s been badly spoilt by lack of support on iOS and Android of late. A single unifying technology, finally, would be very welcome indeed. I’m not sure how successful Qt was on mobile platforms, and I would prefer to learn that for now for UBPorts, but certainly I’m going to keep an eye on Flutter, especially if it’s C++ based.

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