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00:05:43 Introductions
00:07:22 Colin YAD forms and scripting
00:15:20 Strawpoll If forced to, would you pay for your linux distro of choice to keep using it? If so how much in a period of 2 years?
00:34:37 What applications do you heavily rely?
00:47:10 Nvidia to make Arm-based PC chips in major new challenge to Intel
00:56:29 Slowroll Distribution Keeps Name
01:17:17 XWayland's Rootful Mode is More Useful
01:27:30 Linux gives up on 6-year LTS kernels, says they’re too much work
01:40:37 Old Machines and software in production
01:42:04 Hiddeen Mystery Novell Netware Machine still in production
01:50:28 Commodore 64 Still In use
01:51:00 Next Week and House Keeping
01:55:00 Last Call

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