Tonight we are going to talk about AI and what you an do with it using self-hosted Stable Diffusion. There will be time to talk about other fun things so be sure to bring your topics and lets chat about anything Linux, tech and open source topics that fascinate you.

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00:05:00 Introductions
00:09:07 ESP 8266 and Kitchen Lights
00:14:31 SrawPoll Is the Linux Experience Better than when you started
00:46:35 Self-Hosting AI Sable Diffusion with

  • FOSS image generation using stable-diffusion-webui
  • Access to a stable-diffusion-webui server
    • Thank you to ma3rif and Mr Newbie from for making this possible with donated hardware and network support.
    • Terms of use:
      • Family-friendly generations only
    • Temporary access links for the livestream audience
    • Longer term access links available on the Linux Saloon Telegram
  • AI models
    • Differences between Stable-diffusion 1.5 and 2.x
  • Covering the basics of using stable-diffusion-webui
    • Positive and negative prompts
    • Image attributes
    • Upscaling and weighting
    • Installing extensions
    • Primer on ControlNet
  • Pattern embedding using ControlNet
  • Outpainting (extending images beyond their border) using ControlNet
  • Applying different prompts to different areas of an image using Latent Couple and Composable LoRA
    • Installation from the “Extensions” tab
      • Latent Couple: stable-diffusion-webui-two-shot
      • Composable LoRA: stable-diffusion-webui-composable-lora
    • Primer on writing Latent Couple Divisions, Positions and Weights
    • Use of “AND” with Composable LoRA
  • Generating scenes using web rendered manikins
    • Free manikin posing websites
    • Using Open Pose with ControlNet
    • Using depth maps with ControlNet
      01:54:00 Housekeeping
      01:54:50 Community Free Pour – Ben with Storm OS
      02:01:30 Last Call

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