Tonight, we are going to be chatting about our experience with running Debian 12, in whatever capacity each person found fit for them. We will be talking about the highs and the not-so-highs of this release. Debian has been around for… basically forever… and is the bedrock of a lot of other distributions that we all know and love.

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Next Week: Application Appetizer where we will be talking about our favorite browser extensions.

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00:05:30 Introduction
00:07:00 IT war story
00:15:15 Using Bottles to Run Windows Software
00:32:00 StrawPoll on the user experience with Debian 12
00:40:00 Debian 12 Discussion
01:34:00 Next Week – News Flight Night
01:36:00 Ulfnic sets up an AI demonstration platform
01:58:00 Last Call


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