Linux Saloon 66: IPP, SELF, Framework, Linux Kernel 6.3, SBCs Passwordless Login

With this news flight night, we took topics from around the web and sprinkled in a lot of tangentially related conversation. Regardless of the Internet technical difficulties, this was a successful time at the Linux Saloon because we all learned something.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:02:12 Jinda asking about IPP
00:08:23 Upcoming South East Linux Fest
00:14:12 StrawPoll – On what do you do most of your gaming?
00:23:14 Framework Releases 16″ Model
00:57:54 Linux Kernel 6.3 Released
00:59:06 ARM based Single Board Computer Talk
01:04:11 Ubuntu May Soon Offer a Better Window Tiling Experience
01:13:45 Passwordless Google accounts are here—you can now switch to passkey-only
01:22:45 Next Weeks Applications
VIM / VIM Tutor and Veracrypt
01:47:50 Housekeeping –
01:49:22 Closing Time
01:53:56 Bloopers

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