Linux Saloon 64: PCLinuxOS, Solus, Touchscreens, BTRFS, backups

On this #OpenMicNight we had a wide array of subjects we discussed, largely derived from the weekly StrawPolls. It was also great to have Peter back this week as we haven’t seen him in probably over a year.

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00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:37 Peter’s Adventures with PCLinuxOS, Solus
00:14:16 StrawPolls
Do you like touchscreens
Do you prefer to purchase physical or digital games
00:41:11 BTRFS talk
00:48:21 RAID arrays and backups
01:16:48 Would my family know what to do with my tech
01:22:35 StrawPoll for Distro Exploration
01:26:05 Fun Bill and Neal Story on hard Open Shift and a Genesis emulator
01:33:30 Application Experience out of the Box
01:37:58 Community Free Pour Desktop Themes
01:44:00 Closing Time
01:56:19 Bloopers

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  1. Upcoming Linux Saloon

    Distro Exploration - Linux Mint

    (confirm dates on the official page)

  2. Still behind but what a surprise to see the venerable PCLinuxOS mentioned.

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