Linux Saloon 62: News Flight Night, Distro News, GNOME 44, Ubuntu Cinnamon

00:01:25 Jill Bryant “Destination Linux” interview on Unordinary People
00:04:23 What was your first computer?
00:15:24 StrawPoll How do you use your Touchpad?
00:27:00 FDA clears NeuroRPM, Apple Watch app to monitor…
00:39:40 Raspberry Pi OS…
00:48:19 openSUSE Leap 15.5 Beta Released…
00:51:01 GNOME 44 Released……
00:58:38 Ubuntu Cinnamon Flavor Status Announcement…
01:03:16 Nextcloud
01:23:49 CRM – Customer Relationship Manager software
01:29:13 SBC Thread on TuxDigital Forum
01:36:25 Next Week – Application Appetizer Potluck
01:43:53 Last Call

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  1. Super happy to do so. I truly enjoyed the interview. I will be checking more out soon.

  2. Its not a tech based channel at all but I think you will find the people interesting

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