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For our second Application Appetizer at the Linux Saloon we explored the web with GNOME Web. GNOME Web or also known as epiphany, is a web browser tailored for the GNOME Desktop Environment experience.

We discuss how using it with our daily activities went and how we see using it in the future.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:23 Colin updates Easy Arch GNOME update to 42
00:02:23 Rick installs GNOME Web on NixOS
00:03:31 Nate talks about C1541X design and build
00:16:42 Scrappjaw brands a PS3 controller with Ubuntu
00:23:35 GNOME Web discussion
01:32:50 Linux News Begin
01:33:42 EndeavorOS Apollo Released
01:43:44 Last Call


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Hosted by: Nathan Wolf

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