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Tonight we covered topics in the news thanks to the help from Michael on “This Week in Linux” who supplied the stories.


00:00:00 Intro and talk about Australia
00:03:18 Video Editors on Linux Discussion
00:29:36 GNOME 42
01:08:18 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Gets Wayland By Default
01:18:23 Pipewire Talk
01:26:12 Fish Shell 3.4 Released
01:34:26 Lakka 4.0 Released
01:47:53 Last Call

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  1. Hi everyone, enjoyed the 26 Mar 2022 edition as always, especially the part about OSS video editors. I wanted to chime in on Mark U’s question at 28:14 about an editor mainly for cutting and trimming videos. (Does he have an account here to ping him?) I have similar needs, I usually only need to cut things out of videos and/or change out the audio track for another one. For years I’ve been using Avidemux, which is exactly for the sort of usage case that Mark describes. (@EricAdams also might find this useful.) You just use the A and B buttons to define the start and end of a segment you want to cut out. If you cut right on a keyframe boundary (by skipping with the keyframe forward/backward buttons) you don’t even need to re-encode the video, so the save is almost instantaneous. If you do need to re-encode it, then you have to select the video encoder (I usually use “MPEG-4 AVC x264”), the audio encoder (for MP4 files use “AAC Faac”), and then the output format (for MP4 use “MP4v2 muxer”). Another cool feature when re-encoding the video is the option to set a target video file size.

    Also thanks for the Vidcutter recommendation, I’m including it here as a note to self for checking it out later.

    Thanks again to all of you! Have a good one.

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