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On the menu for this weeks distro cocktail is Linux Mint 20.3. This will be a constructive conversation of our individual exploration experience to highlight the good and areas for improvement for the user experience as well as how users decided if it was right for them.


The discussion continued as we gave our thoughts about the release of the SteamDeck, which is on track for a February release and the changes HumbleBundle is doing in removing Linux support.

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  1. This was a great first episode to the show! It’s great to see a full house with so many familiar faces and great energy.

    I think we all had some positive things to say about Mint, which says some really great things about the quality of the distribution, so that was very refreshing!

    Special thanks to everyone who helps make this happen. I’m thrilled to see this grow, and it’s awesome that it’s part of DLN. Thanks to Nate for putting in so much time and energy into making this happen, too. You’ve been an awesome host!! You deserve a lot of credit!

  2. Yes, it was previously BDLL or BigDaddyLinux Live but has been branded and brought into the Destination Linux Network.

  3. I had a great time tonight. I even got to argue with @MichaelTunnell a little so what more could I ask for? :innocent:

  4. This page doesn’t seem to exist yet, or is somehow malfunctioning for me… I just end up with a blank tab that sits there and does nothing.

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