Interview with Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical & Founder of Ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth joins us on the Destination Linux podcast for an in-depth interview. Mark Shuttleworth is the Founder and CEO of Canonical, the company behind the development of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system.

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00:00 Interview with Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical / Ubuntu
00:26 Mark’s Origin Story of His Journey into Linux
03:08 The Founding of Canonical & Ubuntu
06:44 What Is Most Exciting To You About The Growth Of Open Source?
08:21 Do You Have Any Concerns About The Growth Of Open Source?
09:55 What Role Does Ubuntu Community Play With Shaping Canonical?
12:06 How Do You Deal With The Harsh Criticisms?
15:21 Speaking of Unity DL Crew Share Unity Nostalgia
16:15 Canonical’s Key Focus Areas
16:29 Importance of Internet of Things (IOT)
17:52 Details on Canonical’s Hardware Partnerships (maybe Framework?)
20:53 Snap Format & The Criticism Around Snaps
25:07 Why Is The Snap Store Closed Source?
28:50 Plans To Improve The Snaps Format
30:03 Mark Learns About Michael’s Aversion to Updates
32:02 The Motivation Behind Creating Snaps & Snapd
33:35 Michael Shares The Value of Multi-Distro Packages
34:09 Michael Clarifies His Update Aversion
34:35 Adding BTRFS Support In Ubuntu?
39:06 Mark’s Thoughts On AI & Will AI Be Leveraged At Canonical
43:13 The Ethics of AI & Some Experts Wanting AI Expansion Paused
47:06 What Are You Most Proud Of About Canonical?
51:40 What Is It Like To Be In Space?!!
54:34 Lightning Round
56:20 Interview Wrapup

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  1. Great video. Mark is an interesting guy and nice, he says he addresses the shortcomings of snaps. Time will tell.

    If you thought Marks words were inspiring about space. Then you really need to think about living on a Blue dot.

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