370: Interview with GloriousEggroll about Proton-GE, Nobara, and more

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Michael Tunnell = https://michaeltunnell.com
Jill Bryant = https://jilllinuxgirl.com


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:04 Interview with Glorious Eggroll
00:10:32 Proton-GE
00:16:50 Motivations
00:19:26 Lutris booth at SCaLE 21x
00:22:47 Lutris
00:26:52 Sponsored by LINBIT
00:28:10 Nobara Linux
00:35:49 Update to Fedora 40
00:38:28 Umu, the Unified Linux Wine Game Launcher
00:48:08 Anti-Cheat
00:54:12 Cloud Gaming
00:57:36 League of Legends
01:03:56 Developer Excitment
01:07:56 Biggest Challenges
01:10:15 FSR
01:12:41 Typical Workday
01:16:50 Advice
01:22:21 Lighting Round
01:30:41 Outro


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Notable Replies

  1. Now you have to bring on Jorge Castro. uBlue/Bluefin and container talks !

  2. Great episode! Love the interview with Glorius Eggroll.

    I have a personal definition for “bloated” software: when any software includes features that I don’t need, to the point where the unwanted features impact my usage of the software on my limited resources (RAM, CPU, DISK, Network bandwidth).

    I used to compile my kernels to reduce the bloat, but I’ve upgraded my hardware and don’t need to do that anymore. Currently, I use Gnumeric instead of LibreOffice Calc. It does everything I need without eating all my disk space - and feels snappier too. I’m glad that the full-featured office products exist, but I don’t need all those features - so, for me, it’s bloated.

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