361: KDE Plasma 6 is Here and Michael cant stop talking about it

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:39 Community Feedback
00:09:55 Sponsored by Kasm – [link]
00:12:11 KDE Plasma 6 Release – [link]
00:50:43 Sponsored by LINBIT – [link]
00:52:01 Google and Nvidia Team Up On Something Open-Source – [link]
01:03:10 Gaming: In Case of Emergency, Release Raptor! – [link]
01:06:33 Software Spotlight: System Monitoring Center & R-Linux – [system monitoring, r-linux]
01:08:44 Tip of the Week from reddit – [link]
01:11:28 Events
01:13:40 Outro

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  1. KDE Neon borked on its grand opening day with Plasma 6 - unable to shutdown, put into sleep mode etc., and among other things, quirks with loading new global themes, etc.

    Any word on how openSuse is faring on Plasma 6 ?

    Update: March 4th .iso update fixed these issues.

  2. So how do I install the Plasma 6 update in Kubuntu 23.10? There’s bound to be a ppa from which to update Plasma.

  3. Neon had a buggy launch day for sure. That is a shame. On the bright side, KDE has now made changes to the KDE Neon website because of this so it no longer promotes Neon as for “everyday users” since that is clearly not the case. They also removed the FAQ about whether or not it is a distro. They are embracing what always seemed to be what it is designed for which is Testing and for people who are enthusiasts that welcome testing stuff regardless of buggy-ness.

    Still in testing, will probably stay there for about a week or so I think.

    This is not possible. You can not update Kubuntu to Plasma 6 just yet. They are playing it safe because Kubuntu next release is an LTS release and switching to Plasma 6 right before an LTS can be pretty sketchy for them. I agree with this decision.

    The guide you shared is only for Neon and honestly, updating Neon like that is bound to be a problem. Neon has never been a great example of good upgrade process.

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